Why Mentor?

Easy to use

We understand the complex needs of your home and understand that a paperless system needs to be easy for each member of staff to use. Mentor was designed with usability in mind, for maximum efficiency and ease of use.

Opening Mentor reveals a modern and intuitive interface that makes it straightforward to update any young person’s files. With automatic reminders, task lists and individual user dashboards, Mentor makes the day-to-day running of your home smooth.

With an iPad ready user interface as well as desktop compatibility, Mentor offers a simple, more user-friendly way to safeguard and secure your young people’s data on the go. This gives staff more time to do what they do best, enhance the lives of young people.

Training & Support

Training is included as standard, as part of the set up of a new home. We believe that training is essential to give your staff the confidence to move to a new paperless system. Training can be done on-site at your home, online or at our Head Office in Leicester.

Our support and aftercare is second to none and we are very proud of the service we provide. Mentor comes with ongoing support and free upgrades as part of the cloud-hosted package.

Our support team are solely based in the UK and are available to answer questions and solve technical problems on weekdays between 9am and 5pm (excluding public holidays).

Data Security

Mentor comes with secure cloud-hosting as part of the package. Your data is held in the cloud and can be accessible from anywhere you have a laptop and a broadband connection.

You can also view your data on the move from your iPad, making record keeping easer than ever. As well as seeing a young person’s information you can type or dictate notes, take photographs and record video and audio.

You can be safe knowing that your data is securely stored as we only have servers based in the UK. Your data is encrypted at 256 bit AES making it more secure than most applications, and with two-step authentication your data is safe with us.

All data is securely backed up to reduce the inconvenience or expense of hardware failure. Because the cost of hosting is included in the price, you don’t need to worry about up-front costs or ongoing hardware expense.

Happy woman on laptop

“Evidence progress, monitor risk and safely record the day-to-day running of your home. Mentor is accessible to users of all abilities and makes compliance the easiest it has ever been.”