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Mentor is a digitalised platform for Residential Children Services designed to put the young person at the heart of your care.

By incorporating Quality Standards of care into everything we do, we have developed an innovative approach to the collection of data within the sector.

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to helping children’s homes achieve the best possible rating from Ofsted. Our clients can take confidence in that Mentor software has been uniquely developed and designed by social workers & ex Ofsted Inspectors and used in our very own children’s services.

Our software contains an abundance of features which saves valuable time permitting optimal engagement with the young people that matter, whilst ensuring regulation and compliance.

By keeping your administration in order, ready to highlight and exhibit your hard work during Ofsted inspections and audits, is a vital component of Mentor. We understand the importance of incorporating an evidence-based approach, operational needs and a system which is fit for purpose in supporting you.

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What our customers say...

“Mentor has been a fundamental asset to our child care business, it provides us with logging, monitoring, insights, reporting, amongst many other features. It’s extremely robust and we could not operate without it, the support always goes above and beyond and cannot be faulted.”

Laura Bergin

Home Manager

“As a Childrens Home Manager of a large home, Mentor software has been a great asset in helping to run the home. The software makes it easy to have an overview of all the young people on a day to day basis, from appointments to what meetings have taken place. It helps identify areas for staff improvement on recording by easily being able to track work. I can see progress on the young people and the progress is extremely useful to track and see areas for improvement. It runs reports for visual aid for meetings with professionals and the inspector mode makes this very easy to do. I have worked with many online systems and I believe that Mentor is a far better system. I was a sceptic at first, however once I found my way round the system I found this easy to use and very helpful.”

Gareth Lancaster

Manager, The Oak

“Mentor has helped provide a guide to ensure all areas of our support needs are being met for each young person we support. It has provided an area to retrieve information quickly when needed and has created a way for us to measure outcomes and identify areas of success, even assist where we need to develop. The Software captures everything needed to successfully record the support we provide and has adapted to suit the need of my service”

Lucille Amoo