Young Persons Management

Take your care home to the next level using Mentor. Packed with features, Mentor is the perfect tool to help you grow your home, staff and young people.

Quality Standards

Mentor structures the young person’s record according to the April 2015 Quality Standards. With a system that follows the regulatory framework, Ofsted can view your record-keeping with ease.

As the guidance explains, no children’s home will be able to meet all of a child’s needs on its own. Therefore it is crucial that the home works in close partnership with all those who play a role in protecting and caring for the child. Consequently, Mentor has developed sections of the software for social work, school meetings and personal contact. All other partners in the child’s life can be recorded to build up a strong picture of the quality of care.

Mentor also ensures that users have structure when recording activity within the home. From the ability for young people to sign that they authorise a bedroom search (Guide to the Children’s Homes Regulations) to recording enjoyment activities (including Photo and Video evidence) for the young person. Mentor has a section for everything to make evidencing you and your young people’s achievements easy.


Mentor allows you to record details of any contact made with the Young Persons education provision along with monitoring and tracking their attendance. The system has an area for Independent Key Skills, allowing managers to clearly demonstrate outcomes and the progress being made by the Young person, shown with graphs and automated reports.

Enjoyment & Achievement

Mentor allows you to document activities done with your young people, including uploading Photo and Video evidence. There are separate sections for both Incentives and Pocket Money, so your home never loses track your young person’s financial incentives. The system also includes Targets, to monitor progression, allowing you to clearly evidence what work you are doing to help your young people to where they want to be.

Health & wellbeing

Prescriptions can be recorded within Mentor. When medication is administered this can then be recorded against the young person’s record, making medication recording super easy. Customisable Interventions & appointments can be logged along with a body map to evidence any form of accidents or Injuries.


Mentor has spent Meticulous attention to detail on our Protection section. Users have the ability to input and edit Risk assessments and Behaviour support plans, including the ability to create required readings for staff members ensuring everyone in your home has read vital documents for the safeguarding of your Young People.

The system comes with a highly recommended missing from care form including an in-depth risk assessment and planning return section. Mentor also as standard includes:

  • Safeguarding
  • Incidents
  • Police Interventions
  • Sanctions
  • Restraints
  • Interventions

Reg 45 Report Builder

This report enables you to Pull all the information inputted in MENTOR which then pre populates the report for you, conclusively saving you a considerable amount of time!

Inspector / Reg 44 Mode

Our unique Inspection Mode authorises you and your team to showcase all the hard work and great results achieved throughout the year by directing your inspector to where they want to be, in a quick and efficient way.

Email Sending & Text Messaging

Mentor allows you to send emails directly from the system to your social workers and professionals, using your own email details. This evidences clearly what information has been passed on to the relevant authorities. Mentor also has the ability to send text messages to your Young People with a full audit trail.

Bespoke Forms – Brand new Feature

Mentor now has the functionality for users to add and design their own unique forms. Mentor provides the perfect, easy to use solution in building customised forms for your home whether it be therapy forms, questionnaires, feedback forms or statutory compliance across multiple sites of your organisation.

Shift Plan

Organising your home is essential, so your comprehensive shift plans make the day-to day running and recording of your home easy. Each shift plan allows you to assign staff members to the shift and create a detailed outlook of the shift ahead. Tasks can be assigned to staff on shift and there is a separate handover section for each young person, so that the staff have visibility on what has happened with each individual child on the previous shift.

Medication can also be checked and recorded within each shift, making compliance easy.


Mentor includes a Calendar that allows you to see an overview for the day, week or month. The calendar can be filtered to each young person, meaning you can easily review the activity within your home.

Signing In

Being paperless means that all your signing in can be done within the system. Staff, guests and professionals can all sign in using either a desktop machine or an iPad.

Signing in using Mentor means reports can easily be created displaying the activity within your home. Guests are even asked to sign that they have seen the fire procedure, and on signing out they can rate your home and leave a comment - all helpful feedback to improve your organisation.

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