Health & Safety

Engage your workforce with H&S and promote a positive safety culture. Mentor has been designed to make safety more accessible and inclusive.

Mentor is easy to use and lessens the administrative burden of H&S management, freeing up your staff to focus on your young people.


Mentor dashboards provide a statistical overview in relation to accidents, incidents and hazards. This gives you an insight into trends and highlights potential issues within your business. Used alongside the link to work tasks, Mentor guides its users into implementing accident prevention controls and improves overall health and safety culture.

Compliance Checks & Tests

Deadlines for licences, certificates, checks, tests, and maintenance can all be tracked in our system. Never miss a safety check, with the ability to add in as many of your own checks as you would like and completely tailor the system to your home’s needs.

Risk Assessments

Mentor provides a full suite of software solutions, creating risk assessments has never been simpler.

System Audit

Everyone’s greatest fear is not having accessible data in their health and safety system should something go wrong. Mentor’s audit log tracks every interaction with the system so you can rest easy. With Mentor you can track compliance, changes, acknowledgements, reports and much more, in just a few clicks.